Welcome to Digital Émigré!
This site was created for people who:
  1. Feel frustrated and disillusioned with the current political situation in their home countries.
  2. Are in the midst of planning an escape, (e.g. from Brexit) or who have already escaped and started new lives abroad.
  3. Are building online businesses so they can easily relocate to countries that fit their values and life goals.
Digital Émigré is not a general travel site and it’s not aimed at digital nomads. As digital émigrés, we’re different.
We leave our home countries for political reasons. We aim to move permanently to our chosen countries, likely seeking permanent residency or even citizenship.
Digital Émigré was created by Samantha North, a British passport holder who moved to Portugal, with a long-term goal to beat Brexit and regain EU rights, by becoming a citizen of Portugal.
Here’s some useful background on the digital émigré trend.

At Digital Émigré, we help people build online businesses so they can make easy moves abroad.

We also provide advice and support on immigration issues in various EU countries, specialising in Portugal.

We help people at all stages of their émigré journey, right through to obtaining residency or even citizenship of their target country.
Talk to us today to find out how we can help you.