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Do you want a powerful second passport that gives you the freedom to travel, live, work, study and retire across 30 stable and peaceful European countries? Here’s where to start.

Portugal Golden Visa 2024: New Rules, Routes & How to Apply

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How to Become an EU Citizen & Live Freely in Europe 🇪🇺

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How to Move to Europe EASILY in 2024: 11 Top Tips For Expats

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Check out our most recently published guides on relocation to Europe, digital nomad lifestyle tips, and other resources to help you achieve global freedom – faster!

9 Best Retirement Visas in Europe (2024 Edition)

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Portugal D7 Visa vs Golden Visa 2024: Which One is Right For You? (Full 7-Point Comparison)

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Portugal HQA Visa vs Golden Visa: Which One Should You Choose in 2024?

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Best Routes to EU Citizenship

Looking for the fastest, easiest route to EU second citizenship? Explore Portugal’s investor residency options and start your five-year citizenship timeline with Europe’s lowest physical stay requirements – for maximum flexibility.

Portugal Golden Visa Investment Funds (Full List, Eligibility & What To Look Out For)

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Cultural Production Golden Visa: Invest in Portuguese Films From Just 200K

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Portugal HQA Visa (Fast Track EU Residency For Just €175K)

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Get a Second Passport in Europe

Political upheavals around the world – and the COVID-19 pandemic – have created widespread uncertainty. Having a second passport in Europe is an essential form of ‘life insurance’ against instability and turmoil. 

With EU citizenship, one passport gives you access to 30 countries – providing plenty of options to find your safe haven.

At Digital Émigré, we bring you the latest information on investment residency and passive income residency pathways across the EU.

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