Bored of toxic politics? Ready for a new start in a new country?

We’ll help you launch a lean, fully portable online business, so you can relocate abroad to a country that better fits your values. 

What is Digital Émigré?

Digital Émigré is for anyone who feels disillusioned with the political situation in their country of origin. We want to show you how to easily move to another country of your choice, via the freedom and flexibility of having an online business.

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Online business tips

Our goal is to help you create a portable online business that will give you the freedom and flexibility to relocate abroad. As digital émigrés ourselves, we know that having online income gives you the power to ‘vote with your feet’ and simply move elsewhere, leaving bad government decisions behind you. We’ll share simple tips and in-depth guidance on the fastest, easiest ways to start working online.

Relocation advice

We’re not your typical digital nomad. Digital émigrés have left their country of origin behind permanently (or at least until they can acquire citizenship elsewhere). In these turbulent political times, having a second passport acts as insurance against damaging government decisions (such as Brexit), closed borders (COVID-19) and social unrest, to name but a few. 


Learn from experienced émigrés who have moved to multiple countries and run successful online businesses.

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