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Hi, I'm Samantha North. Here's why I founded Digital Émigré.

In 2016, a political decision in the UK took away my rights to live freely across the 27 other countries of the European Union. I was really unhappy about that, so I took action to get EU citizenship back.
I created an online business so I could earn money from anywhere. Then I researched citizenship pathways across the whole EU. I chose Portugal, for its excellent combination of lifestyle, immigration and tax factors. In summer 2020 I moved to Lisbon.
By 2025, I’ll be eligible to apply for Portuguese (and EU) citizenship. That means I can live, work, study and retire across 28 countries, including Portugal, the UK, and the rest of the eurozone. I’ve chosen to live in a country that fits my values.
With Digital Émigré, I help people design similar journeys. Clients have included fellow Brits escaping Brexit, Americans ditching toxic Trumpism, and Hongkongers rejecting authoritarian Chinese rule.
Along with my team of local partners, I guide clients to find the best EU country for their specific needs, build portable income, secure residency using passive income visas, and get EU citizenship.

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Madeira Golden Visa
Samantha North

Madeira Golden Visa: All You Need to Know for 2021

You’ve probably already heard of Portugal’s Golden Visa investment scheme. But did you know that the island of Madeira is one of the country’s best destinations for investing in Golden Visa property?    In this detailed insider’s guide, we’ll look at how Portugal’s autonomous region of Madeira will become 2022’s hottest Golden Visa destination – and why you

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Luxembourg citizenship
Samantha North

Luxembourg Citizenship: The Ultimate 2021 Guide

Getting Luxembourg citizenship is an interesting route into the EU.  You can achieve it through several different pathways.   An individual can automatically gain Luxembourg citizenship in certain situations. This could be through heritage, adoption, or birth in Luxembourg. There’s also a special scenario called possession d’etat (de facto enjoyment of a certain civil status), which can lead to citizenship.   Each of those has its own specific requirements, but here

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Portugal visa
Samantha North

The D7 Portugal Visa (How to Beat Brexit)

The D7 Portugal ‘passive income’ visa is an excellent option for online business owners and remote workers interested in relocating to Portugal. In this guide, we’ll explore exactly who is eligible for this flexible visa, what the benefits are, and how to go about getting it. What is the D7 Portugal visa? Many people from

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