The Digital Émigré Story

How one political decision inspired our mission to help people all over the world to start working remotely, emigrate and get EU citizenship

Digital Émigré helps globally-minded individuals start working remotely, so they can move to countries that better fit their values.
We’re primarily focused on the 27 EU countries, although you can use our advice to emigrate anywhere in the world. We’ve advised hundreds of people on how to move to the EU and how to get EU citizenship.
Unlike other ‘global citizen’ websites, our primary focus isn’t on aggressively reducing taxes or planting flags. Also, we’re not aimed at those following the typical digital nomad lifestyle, changing countries every few months.
Instead, Digital Émigré helps you create a mobile income, so you can easily move to a country where you feel politically secure.
We believe the EU 27 offers an excellent selection of diverse destinations where individuals can make a home. You can get away from the tribal politics that characterise the United Kingdom and United States, or the growing Chinese influence on Hong Kong.
The fallout from Brexit and the damaging legacy of Trumpism have left deep scars on those countries.
In particular, British citizens have been stripped of their EU rights. They’ve lost the right to work, live, study and retire freely across 27 countries.
If you’re British, Digital Émigré can help you regain those rights. We’ll show you how to get EU citizenship back again.

About Our Founder: Samantha North

I founded Digital Émigré in 2020, just before Brexit became a reality. I was born a British citizen, but I’ve lived in multiple countries. I never stayed anywhere long enough to get a second citizenship. I didn’t think I’d ever need it.
But in 2016, when the UK voted to leave the EU, I realised I’d made a mistake. My British passport had suddenly become far less valuable, because I’d lost my EU rights.
People lucky enough to have foreign-born ancestors were applying for Irish passports, Italian passports, and so on.
But I didn’t have any of those options. Nor did I have enough spare capital to buy EU citizenship in Cyprus or Malta.
It was time to take action to protect the EU rights that I was born with. I had to move to an EU country and get EU citizenship back.
Luckily, I’d been working online for a number of years. So it was easy to physically relocate while still earning from my online business.
I researched pathways to citizenship across the whole EU, looking for the shortest possible timeline. At first, I moved to Belgium. It takes five years of Belgian residency to become eligible for citizenship.
But the tax situation was less than ideal for freelancers and the weather didn’t suit me. So I cut that mission short and picked Portugal instead.
Now I’m happily resident in Portugal, splitting my time between the capital Lisbon and the Atlantic island of Madeira. I’m already one year closer to getting EU citizenship. You can do the same. Digital Émigré is here to help.
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