Work Remotely. Vote With Your Feet.

We help our clients turn their skills into online businesses, and support them all the way to EU citizenship.

Emigration and Citizenship Planning

Residency and citizenship pathways can be confusing. Governments give them obscure names and migration agencies tend to shroud them in secrecy. We’re here to change all that. Tell us your exact goals, and we’ll help you craft a tailored emigration strategy that will take you all the way to citizenship in the EU country that best suits you. We’ve got your back, whether it’s beating Brexit, opting-out of winter, or simply putting down new roots somewhere where you feel relaxed. 

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Online Business Coaching

We’ll support and guide you all the way to create a fully portable online business ready for emigration. Drawing on your existing skills and expertise, we’ll show you how to turn them into the perfect format for working online. Then we’ll help you find your first client and ramp up your income to emigration-ready levels. We’ll also teach you exactly how to structure your new business to benefit from ‘passive income’ residency options in EU countries.The future is remote work and global freedom.

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