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EU Residency & Citizenship Services

Do you want a powerful second passport that gives you the freedom to travel, live, work, study and retire across 30 stable and peaceful countries in Europe? We’ll help you access the many benefits of EU citizenship, while optimizing your global tax situation.


Become an EU resident and access 30 countries freely while working towards citizenship in the most flexible way possible. 


Leverage passive income and remote work in an affordable pathway to citizenship of the EU’s top hotspots.


Optimize your taxes in the eurozone and take advantage of special tax programs designed for location-independent individuals.  

There’s never been a better time to emigrate

Get a Second Passport in Europe

Political upheavals around the world – and the pandemic – have created a new wave of uncertainty. A second passport is essential ‘life insurance’ against instability and turmoil. In the EU, one passport gives you access to 30 countries – plenty of options for a safe haven.

At Digital Émigré, we bring you the latest information on investment residency and passive income residency pathways across the EU. Working with our network of trusted partners in immigration law, real estate and cross-border taxation – we’ll help you plan a tailored second citizenship strategy.  

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