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Europe has a number of residency-by-investment (Golden Visa) programs, offering residency (and in several cases, fast-track citizenship) in exchange for making a significant investment in a country. Countries currently offering residency-by-investment programs include:

  • Portugal 
  • Ireland 
  • Malta 
  • Cyprus 
  • Greece 
  • Spain 

These programs offer a lot more freedom and flexibility than the passive income residency routes. Residency-by-investment. program rules don’t normally require the investor to live in the country or become a tax resident (unless they wish to). For citizenship, the investment accrues the years on behalf of the investor. It’s as if the investment lives in the country on your behalf. 

Residency by investment in the EU goes beyond just real estate. Depending on the country, a range of different investment categories are available, from venture capital funds to entrepreneurship programs that create local jobs, to investing in arts or heritage projects.

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