Emigrate to Portugal Consultation

Planning your move to Portugal but feeling stuck? 🤯

Overwhelmed by all the bureaucracy? Not sure how to make sense of the different visa options? Are visa, residency and tax hassles blocking your path to your dream life (and an EU second passport)?

An Emigrate to Portugal consultation will put you on track.

An Emigrate to Portugal consultation is for you if….

  • You can’t decide which Portugal visa pathway would be the best fit for your personal situation and objectives.
  • You want detailed, first-hand information on the process of becoming a resident of Portugal, from those who’ve been through it themselves.
  • You’re not sure if you’re eligible for a D7 passive income visa or the Golden Visa, and need help figuring it out.
  • You want advice on getting NHR tax status and an overview of the various ways that it can benefit you (NB: I’m not a tax advisor but have first-hand experience with NHR and can refer you to a good tax professional if needed)
  • You plan to go for Portuguese citizenship and want help in setting up your residency to maximise your chances of success.
  • You’d like some firsthand advice on which areas of Portugal would suit you best. I’m especially well-versed on life in Madeira!

We want to retire to Madeira and when searching Google for information we were overwhelmed by where to start. But Digital Émigré stood out to us and we arranged an online consultation with Sam. We have since visited Madeira and met Sam in person. She is being extremely helpful and patient with us as we work towards applying for our Golden Visa with her. We feel a real connection with Sam, maybe because it is easier talking to a fellow Brit; she is our real trusted advisor in Madeira.



What you’ll get in the consultation

  • I’ll send you a quick questionnaire with your booking to make sure we cover the right points during our conversation. From the D7 passive income visa to the Golden Visa, all the way through to getting Portuguese citizenship and snagging various tax benefits along the way – we’ll have it covered.
  • You’ll get my honest opinion about which emigration pathways would be the best fit for the unique situation and goals of you and your family members.
  • I’ll alert you to any possible pitfalls that you might encounter along your path to residency, and give tips on how to solve them. If relevant, I’ll also give you suggestions for options you might not have heard of, or considered.
  • You’ll go away with more clarity, as I’ll do my best to cut through any misinformation you might have encountered online.
  • You’ll have chance to ask as many questions as you like during our time together.
  • You’ll get useful links to resources and information to help you with your big move.

From the get go Samantha was really helpful, not trying to sell me anything and very understanding of my confused mind. I got exactly the answers I was looking for. I am now planning my first visit to Madeira.



How does the consultation work?

We’ll talk on a Zoom video call for 30 minutes. It will be a focused conversation based on your answers to my booking questionnaire. I’ll aim to be as efficient as possible to maximise our time together, while still leaving room for answering any questions that you may have.

Cost: 75 EUR

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